Sunday, March 11, 2007

Getting ready for Daddy.

The kids have been great since Byron went away to India last week. They have missed him terribly but have generally been well behaved and have tried to be positive counting down the days till his return.

He gave them all special tasks to do while he was away so that they would feel important. Rhiannon's was to water his precious chilli plants. It has rained almost everyday so that job has been pretty unnecessary. She has found another job instead...polishing shoes!

I don't know where she got that skill from. I don't think it is one of Byrons strong points but I am sure both her Grandads will be proud of her as they are both known for attacking any pair of shoes left lying around in a sorry state.

We may all have long faces while Byron is away but at least we have shiny shoes!

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  1. I'm coming home.....just about to head for the airport.

    Glad my shoes are clean.


  2. Well Done Rhiannon
    You can clean our shoes any time.