Friday, March 09, 2007

Sians Birthday.

Sian has had a lovely birthday today.

She went to bed last night very excited. I heard a noise at 5am and found her wide awake in the bathroom reading a book trying to pass the time til the sun came up so she could wake us all up!

Carrie and myself stayed up till after midnight making and icing 70 cup cakes! Some were for the kids and iced in every colour under the rainbow and some were iced with baileys icing for Carrie and me. We went to bed never wanting to see another cup cake again!

This morning all the kids tumbled into my bed (very lonely without Mr B) and we started the present opening extravaganza. Sian got some really lovely gifts. Thank you to everyone who sent cards and parcels. She really was spoiled rotton. She got so many lovely clothes that she kept changing into different outfits all day.

One of the most unusual parcels that she got was a large long brown paper parcel from her friend Alice in England. It had a paint-your-own-umbrella-kit in it! This got squeals of delight when it was opened by Sian and had Gareth and Rhiannon begging to be allowed to help paint it. A very unusual present and so big that it wouldn't be one that I would consider if I was paying to post it half way around the world! Thank you anyway Zoe and Alice! We will have great fun painting it and will blog a picture of the finished masterpiece when it is done.

We spent the morning at Rathmines park letting the kids burn off some energy. We went home at lunchtime to make a wake up call to Byron in his hotel room in India at his 7am. Sian was excited talking to him. He had sent her a video clip of himself singing Happy Birthday in the morning but it was nice for her to be able to speak to him in person. We went to our normal Friday tennis in the afternoon and then home for Sians sleepover party.

Four of her friends arrived with sleeping bags and pillows ready for an evening of pizza, dvds and birthday cake. They have had a great evening and are whispering and giggling in the dark in the next room as I type this blog!

Hopefully they will fall asleep soon as I am shattered after last nights baking and can't wait to hit the sack myself!

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