Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gina's gone gallavanting......

Oh Happy days!

This weekend is the Sydney Good Food and Wine show.

Last year to celebrate our friend Di's Birthday a group of 5 of us went to a local cookery demonstration and loved it. When Di heard the dates for this food show she knew that we wouldn't be able to resist another day of fun, gossip and laughter, together with food, tasty samples, food, cookery demonstrations and, yes, FOOD!

Maree booked and paid for the 5 tickets which meant that none of us could pull out without good reason. I mentioned something about it to Byron one evening when he was engrossed in watching a gripping Rugby match on the TV, knowing he was paying no attention to what I was saying. When his team scored a try and he jumped to his feet cheering "YES" I took that to be permission!

.. and so it is 6.30am and the house is quiet. I have snuck downstairs to start getting ready and to make a big saucepan of porridge as breakfast for Byron and the kids later (God knows why they think that porridge oats are a real weekend breakfast treat in this day of sugary cereals but they do??!!!)

Maree is collecting Di, Claire, Jane and me at about 8am for the 2 hour journey to Sydney. We have been told to wear comfy shoes (lots of walking) wear layers (it starts out cold but gets hot in there) and bring a BIG bag (for all the freebies that are handed out!)

I dont know if I am more excited about the actual show or the two hours of uninterupted chatting and laughing in the car on the way there and back!

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