Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cardboard tobogganing down Mount Sugarloaf!

An email went out a couple of weeks ago from Jane and Monica suggesting that we should have a family picnic lunch on Mount Sugarloaf and let the kids go cardboard tobogganing down the steep grassy slopes.

Today was the day and although the sky was grey and uninviting 8 brave families with a combined total of 17 kids and a dog arrived with picnics, warm clothes and the obligatory cardboard boxes.

The kids looked like they were in for a big disappointment. The council had erected a new sign....


We did what any responsible law abiding adults should and told the kids to ignore it !

The next 4 hours were a blur of kids whizzing down the grass on plastic and boxes of various shapes and sizes, enough food to feed an army and a birthday cake for Monica who's birthday is tomorrow.

It was a great day and the kids got absolutely covered in grass and dirt from head to toe.

Byron mentioned about packing up and heading home while everyone was still in good form and I told him not to be daft. I ate my words 5 minutes later when Isaac ran over to tell me Gar had hurt his head. All I could see as I ran over was the blood matted in his hair. It all looked very dramatic but when we got a cloth on it and had a proper look it was only a very small cut that had bled a lot. One of the dads who is a doctor gave Gar the once over and told him he was fine but that he didn't have to shower his head for three days. After a sharp word in his ear about how my son couldn't possibly go to school tomorrow covered in mud and with blood matted in his hair Dr John amended his advice to Gar and said after a good bath tonight to clean up he didn't need to shower for the next three days!

We are home now and the kids have all been well and truly scrubbed. The bath water was brown when they pulled the plug!

Something tells me they are going to sleep well tonight! I know Byron is aready snoring on the sofa!

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