Saturday, June 07, 2008

Wobbly tooth, tidy room.

The tooth was still wobbly. The room was getting messier. We came up with a plan. All pocket money owing to our messy middle child was from today onwards frozen. She couldn't spend it on anything new if she couldn't show us that she could look after her things she had already.

Another idea we threw at her was that the poor tooth fairy was probably afraid of coming into her messy room at night in case she tripped and injured a wing and that was why the tooth seemed to be hanging on for dear life.

I'm not sure which suggestion hit the mark but Sian and Rhiannon spent a frantic 15 minutes stuffing everything from the floor into any random box or drawer in the hope of giving the illusion of a tidy room. This tidy up was only going to last until Rhiannon needed to find a particular small "thing" and tore the room apart again looking for it.

Despite swearing that I was not going to be the one to tidy her room for her I went in to try supervising. An hour later and you could see the carpet again! Another hour later and all the small toys were back in their correct drawers and boxes and I was in need of a strong coffee.

Rhiannon instantly set off back to work getting the dolls house set up again for the tooth fairy, preparing a bed for her and some pretend food snacks. We are still banned from the room so that we don't disturb any of these special things but at least we can sneak in at night to check on her as we head to bed without worrying about falling on our faces.

The tooth is still wobbly. Maybe now that the room is better the tooth fairy will let it magically fall out and we wont get a compo claim for her tripping and damaging a wing while she delivers a shiny coin late at night....

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