Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Point Blank

Earlier this year we read the first book in the Alex Rider series "Stormbreaker" and the kids loved it. We have made it family time before bedtime where Byron reads one chapter after the kids have done their teeth and are in their pj's. We all sit down and let the answer machine take any calls while we immerse ourselves in the adventures of the 14 year old spy!

The second book is called "Point Blank" and we finished it last week. Rhiannon in particular loved it and decided to do her school book review on it. She had to write about the main characters and her favourite chapters. When she did her presentation to her class she read a couple of excepts of her favourite parts to them. She came home chuffed as she had been given the much sought after "Double Tick"

She also told us that when she told her teacher about the family sitting down together every night to listen her teacher had said she wanted to come join in too!

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