Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nims Island

This weekend is the Queens Birthday weekend in Australia so we have three days of no plans except to chill out and relax!

The weather is pretty cold and miserable at the moment with rain on and off most days.

We decided to go see a film together yesterday afternoon in Boloroo cinema, a tiny local family owned cinema with old fashioned charm right down to the chandeliers!

The film was Nims Island and it was really wonderful. Full of messages about being courageous and making good choices. Despite being a kids film it was still good watching for Byron and myself.

There were a few scary scenes where a volcano was threatening to erupt and Gareth ended up moving from his seat to my knee faster than the speed of light. When we asked him afterwards if he had been scared he said no way, he had just wanted a cuddle!

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