Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rhiannons School Band Debut!

Rhiannon started learning to play the Clarinet back in February this year. She has really taken to it and seems to pick up new tunes quite effortlessly. Byron and herself disappear into the TV room and he plays Saxophone while she follows on with her Clarinet.

Today was the first time she was allowed to play with the school band. She was very excited and begged me to be come watch.

As usual the trusty camera was with me so I took a few photos of her in action.

P.S If you are struggling to work out which one she is just look for the one kid with hair all over the place instead of being tied back neatly...

That's our Rhiannon! They broke the mold when they made her!!!

After the concert the rest of the school filed back to their classrooms behind their teachers. Gareth and Tommy saw me and yelled out "Take a photo of us" It is unusual for Gar to pose so I grabbed my chance.

When I took the photo the rest of the kindy kids started yelling out too for their photos to be taken. I ran away to the car before the teacher told me off for distracting them!

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