Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tooth fairy!

At last! After a month of wobbling, Rhiannon's tooth finally decided to fall out!

Her bedroom has stayed moderately tidy after the massive clean up last weekend and the miniature dolls house was ready and waiting for the tiny visitor. She went to bed with a note full of questions for the fairy... "Last name" "School" "Pet?" and "Pets name"

Amazingly the next morning the blanks had all been filled in in the tiniest handwriting that we struggled to read (It was before 7am and we hadn't had our morning cup of tea yet!) The tooth was gone but there was no money? We did a bit of a search and found the money in between the pillow and the pillow case. Not sure if the tooth fairy had been playing tricks on us or was just struggling in the dark???

The most exciting thing to Rhiannon was the fact that she was CONVINCED that the fairy had been in the dolls house. The furniture was fractionally moved. The chair was pulled out from the table and a bunch of flowers was turned slightly. It was all very exciting.

Rhiannon brought the note into school along with the photo below just to prove to everyone that the tooth fairy existed. As she told her special news to her class one of her classmates Jasper called out that his tooth had just fallen out that very moment. Jasper went home with his tooth in a bag and a long list of questions he was planning on writing in a letter to his fairy that night......

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