Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rugby Stars

Another Saturday. Another early start. By 8am we were driving to Hunter Valley for Gareth to play Rugby against the Pokolbin Under 6 team.

What a beautiful location. Imagine a rugby pitch slap, bang in the middle of the Hunter Valley Gardens!

It was breathtaking.

The last time The Macqaurie Roos played Pokolbin they lost. This time they were convinced they would win.

They ran around the pitch getting themselves all warmed up and excited. They put on their team Rugby shirts that were so long on them they looked like dresses!

It was supposed to be 15mins per side. The first 15mins flew by and the Roos were in the lead! Second half and they were still in the lead but the gap was closing. The ref decided (?) to play on beyond the 15mins in the hope of evening up the score a little. AARRGGHHHH! When he finally blew the whistle the score was 6 - 4 to The Roos!!!!!

Gareth played really well and almost scored a try at one stage.

He happily ran off the pitch oblivious to who had won or lost while the dads slapped each other on the backs and praised each other on a wonderful victory!!!

Byron spent the rest of the morning walking around with a spring in his step and a grin on his face saying "That's my boy!"

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  1. Well, he IS the fastest player on the pitch....