Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nurse Baynham

Rhiannon was very excited when she recently found my old student nurse uniform hidden away in a box. She tried it on and it reached to the floor, heavy thick cotton with a high collar (to protect our modesty!) and with the Hospital emblem embroidered below my maiden name. The buttons were removable and I spent many a night breaking my nails taking them all off and putting them on the next days clean dress. Or being too tired and then having to do it in a mad panic the next morning as we ran from the nurses home across to the main hospital.

Rhiannon was particularly fascinated by the red stripe on the shoulder. Blue was 1st year, yellow 2nd year and red the "very grown up and nearly qualified" 3rd year! She was begging to be allowed to bring it in to school some day.

Today was her day to be morning presenter, which meant that she welcomed everyone to class, told them the weather and then introduced the kids who were going to do prayer, book review, positive school issue and show and tell. She persuaded me to let her wear the uniform for her presentation and had her classmates laughing with her bandaged up teddy and weather map of Australia. Her teacher invited me in to watch and I was able to take the camera with me to catch the moment!

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