Sunday, March 28, 2010

Camping with Dad.

Byron was invited to join in a Father/son bonding weekend. It involved a tent, two sleeping bags, mozzie spray, marshmallows and tins of beans.

Oh and a lamb on a spit and a few beers for the Dad's.

I was quite relieved when they made it home on Sunday in one piece. Gareth looked a little bit bigger, a bit more grown up, a little less cuddly and soft cheeked. Maybe it was the layer of grime on his face, maybe it was the grin as he dragged his sleeping bag behind him. They had had a ball surrounded by testosterone and with no nagging wives/mothers telling them to pick up after themselves.

A perfect weekend really. Perfect because after all that roughing it they came home to a clean tidy house with dinner ready on the table, a nice warm bath with fluffy towels hanging on towel rails and soft clean beds to fall into. What a life!

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  1. How much beer did Gareth consume?

    Maybe he stuck to wine coolers.

  2. Wow such a terrific bonding weekend, I think it is brilliant

    Maybe I should try camping out and see what I come home to. ha ha