Friday, March 05, 2010

When did you last do it?

We all know that we should be doing regular breast examinations looking for lumps or changes that might help us find breast cancer in its earliest possible phase. But how often do we really do it? I know its on my list of things to do but it rarely makes it to the top. 

I came across the link to the feelyourboobies website through another blog I read written by Lorri who is surviving breast cancer. When I visited the website I was intrigued by the simple and fun way they spread this lifesaving message. Sometimes the boring clinical reminders get ignored while the fun ones make the impact. 

And so I am reposting one of their free images here to remind YOU to have a feel today. 

It might just save your life...

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  1. Thanks Gina for the reminder, will do.
    I made your cookies....oh my god, they were gorgeous. Thanks so much.

  2. Yesterday!! But, thanks for the reminder!!

  3. Thank you Sweet♥Heart!!!

  4. I would think that poster would turn more heads than the boring, clinical ones. I "do it" at least once a week.

  5. Here's irony: As you were typing your post, I was having the time of my life being felt up by my dear doctor.

    Not only that, but I blogged about it. Check it out.

    I did not enjoy it. My husband can't touch me for at least a week.