Thursday, March 11, 2010

The jar

I have a new boss in work. There is always a transition stage where you get to know each other and work out how well you are going to interact and get on. Gut feelings are that she is a good person. She has a businesslike manner but she smiles a lot too. Smiles are my barometer of character. She is busy taking on her new role, watching how things are being done and introducing some small changes. She has rearranged furniture in office areas and has "Spring cleaned" a few dusty corners. 

Today she produced a glass jar and sat it on the nurses station desk. It had a sticker on the front with the logo of an equipment supply company on it. It had probably come full of lollies from a rep one day. I wanted it. Badly. I had visions of filling it with all sorts of lovely things. I looked at my new boss and told her it was a beautiful jar and it wanted to be filled. She smiled and told me if I wanted it I could have it. 

I think we are going to get along just fine!

All I need to work out now is what to fill it with....!

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  1. Gifts from a new boss...never a bad thing! :)

  2. It sounds like she's going to be a pretty great boss!

    That's a pretty jar, such an unusual shape to it. I love clear jars, and store all kinds of random things in them. Cotton balls & Q-tips in the bathroom, beans and pasta and candy in the kitchen. I even have a miniture mason jar stuffed full of chinese fortune cookie slips!

  3. Wow I love it!