Friday, March 19, 2010


I have great kids. They never fight. They do tons of chores. I rarely have to lift a finger around the house. They tidy up and put away without a murmur. I never have to follow their path of destruction picking up as I go...

Take last week. We were having visitors join us for tea. I knew that the downstairs toilet was running low on toilet paper and I had been shopping. I asked Gareth if he would be good enough to put it away for me. "Sure" he beamed and ran away to do it straight away. 

I smiled a smug smile. I have great kids I reminded myself. The door went and I walked out to let our friends in. I  glanced towards the bathroom as I opened the door to our smiling guests and this is what I saw....

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  1. Like I said, you bring me hope for the future. My kids would have unrolled all of the paper and then shoved a matchbox car and half of the paper into the toilet. And, have I mentioned lately that they too are perfect?

  2. Very efficient.

    At least you're not suffering in Bali.

  3. But your floor is amazingly clean! BTW, I was thinking about doing a post over at my place about the trip I took to Bali in 2002 for my birthday. What do you think? ;)

  4. Sweet! I was worried your kids might not be normal, glad to know they are ok!!

  5. He should get points for getting them in the room. :)

    Love your tile by the way!

  6. Are you sure my husband hasn't been in your bathroom?

  7. Hahaha...I think Gareth has had Mozart helping him put the toilet paper away!!!