Monday, March 01, 2010

St David's day 2010

St David's day is celebrated with gusto in our house because Byron is Welsh.  Last night I made a batch of Welsh Cakes using my Mother-in-laws recipe. Always a tricky balance between the two women in  his life, Byron told me they were wonderful, the best he had ever tasted and then 5 minutes later told his mum that they were good, but not a patch on hers! Luckily he was grinning at me as he said it or I might have hit him over the head with the frying pan!

He brought a few of them into work to share this morning, complete with home-made Welsh flags the kids made with the printer and some toothpicks. Gareth brought a big Welsh flag into school for news and the teacher hung it up and asked could they keep it a little while. Gar was pretty proud as you can see!

Happy St David's Day Mr B!

You can take the man out of Wales 
but you can't take Wales out of the man...

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  1. That is about the coolest flag I've seen! I'd be proud too.

  2. I love that your cakes were not "up to patch" with his mom's. It is a quite a game our men play, keeping their women happy.

  3. Come on... nothing will ever measure up to their Moms. Would we, as mothers ourselves, want it any other way? Ha! Great job Gina!

  4. Aw Happy St. Davids Day. Thats so cool for your kids getting to celebrate all these nationalities days, Paddys day next!!

  5. Oh my gosh, your little boy is a "dead ringer" for your husband. So cute and I love how hard you try to please!

  6. How very exciting to be keeping such great trtaditions alive for our kids!!

  7. Wonderful flag...he does look quite proud sitting beneath it. I agree with a previous comment...your son looks just like his dad! Beautiful smiles!! :)