Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tropical Tradition...

It seems like forever since we went on holidays to the island of Rarotonga last year. Each and every week we try to remember it in a special way.

Every Saturday morning Byron gets up and goes down to the local bakery with the kids and buys fresh croissants and pastries. While he is out I set the table with fresh melon, banana slices, pear, nuts, orange juice soaked oats mixed with vanilla yoghurt and banana chips. We sit down with juice and coffee and tuck in to our tropical breakfast that we had each and every morning on our holiday.

We may not actually be looking out over turquoise blue sea but with a bit of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's melody "Somewhere over the rainbow" playing on the iPod we can pretend we are!

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  1. What a wonderful tradition, and fun way to keep those memories fresh!
    And I have to say...the fruit in those photos look so scrumptious that I just made a few additions to my grocery list!
    Orange-soaked oats? I'm intregued! How do you prepare those?

  2. I just get some shops own brand rolled oats and put about 3 cups of them in a bowl and pour orange juice over it just so they are all wet but not so there is much extra at the bottom. I leave them overnight in the fridge and then mix vanilla yoghurt in them the next morning. Enough so that it is fairly moist. We throw some almonds in too for texture. I like berries but the kids aren't so keen! Every time we make it it turns out a little different! Hope you have fun trying it and finding a combination that you like.

  3. Wow Gina what a delightful breakfast, so healthy and the children love it.. :-)

  4. Yummy. I think I'll have to come for breakfast some time. That is a great tradition and your children will always remember the love you've shown them through spending that time with them.

  5. Your breakfast sounds delicious! I think it is great that your family remembers your vacation this way...reliving great memories and it is so tasty too! :)

  6. I've never heard of orange juice and oats ... hmm, I might have to give that a try. I love a breakfast of fruit and bread especially the bread. I am so ready for warm weather that a tropical breakfast sounds like a good substitute.

  7. what an awesome way to remember your holiday...I will have to remember this next time we get back from Hawaii. That is our favorite version of over the rainbow rocks!Kim

  8. Thats great to remember your holiday Gina we might need to start a tradition after our Bali holiday did i tell you yet we were going to Bali next week lol Karen