Friday, March 12, 2010

Yes Karen... You did....

My friend Karen is going on holiday soon.

To Bali. 

In 7 days. 

The reason I know this is that she has told me every time we have got together over the last month.

Every time. 

Our kids are at school together.

Play after school sport together.

That's a lot of times.

It's wearing thin.

Today she told me in the playground...

Left a message on this blog post...

..and sent me a text.

I went shopping and bought a T-shirt and a permanent pen.
I'm dropping this to her house on the way to tennis...

I figured she could wear it for the next week to give her mouth a rest. And if she wants to rub in just how many days are left before she leaves...
she can just turn around...

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  1. First of all, you are clever.

    Second of all, you need new friends.

    Did I tell you I'm staying right here in Utah? Yup, and there's a storm coming through tomorrow.

    Can't wait.

  2. You are SO cute, Gina! I would LOVE a shirt like that...your friend should be tickled with it!

  3. Gina... you kill me!!! What a fun friend you are!!!

  4. Love the shirt! Maybe she will bring you one from Bali as a souvenir. :)

  5. Love It!

  6. Talk about a small world... i discovered i go to a gym class (on Mondays) with your friend Karen! Last week she asked if i was Belinda and i said yesssssss and she said she was your friend and recognised me from my blog. SMALL WORLD PEOPLE. I must ask her on Monday if she liked her groovy shirt you made!

  7. Thank you Gina I loved my shirt and will wear it all the time and yes I will continue to remind you as pay back from all the emails I received when you were in Rarotonga last year. oh by the way it's only 6 days now. lol Karen

  8. Hilarious! Love it!

  9. This is awesome! =)

  10. This is awesome! =)

  11. You are so creative!