Sunday, March 21, 2010

The most fabulous pair of socks in the whole world.

It's all Jo Mama's fault.
I never knew I was missing out.
I never knew that I was lacking special socks until I read her blog. 
I'm Irish, living in Australia, and I don't own any Irish themed socks. 
Jo Mama does. 
In fact after a recent shopping spree she showed them off on her blog.
I was consumed with jealousy.
I wanted some too. 
But in Australia where on earth would I find some...?
And so today the sock fairy waved her magic wand and as I walked past a street stall what did I see?
Stripy green socks made just for me!
Thank you Jo Mama for showing me what I was missing.
Thank you old wizened Chinese stall vendor for stocking just one pair of these amazing long socks.
Thank you Mr B for coughing up the cash because I hadn't bothered bringing my bag!
I feel complete at last!

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  1. I love them! Too fun!

  2. Mrs B
    How are you? I am a little concerned that the last two blog entries show pictures of you putting your feet up!!!
    What is going on???????? ..... Mr B think she needs to be put on a tighter rein - slacker xxxxxxxxxx

  3. fantastic socks Gina !!!

    remind me of the old ' pacer ' soft mints

    and whats with the piccies of feet ??

    sunny swansea xxx

  4. Nice... that's all I am going to say about that!

  5. A fabulous pair of socks!! :)

  6. thanks for your advice on my blog! I too have given into the chocolate and salt cravings.
    Love the pics of your socks! Very cute, and I have to add, I bought a pair of rather cute comfy green striped slippers for St Paddy's day, and I am not even Irish. but my Irish uncle Paddy is! (true)
    I look forward to reading more about you and your family!

  7. LOL We are both loving our feet (my post this afternoon). I guess great minds think alike. Love your socks.

  8. Awesome socks! I want a pair for myself now!