Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is this normal...?

Gareth has a few favourite teddies that he brings to bed....

Don't most, normal kids?

So what am I supposed to make of this new teddy recently added to the collection?

This isn't quite a teddy. It's a water filled surgical glove with a very odd looking drawn on face.

Does this still count as "Normal"...?

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  1. He is SO not going to like this when he gets older :).

    Did you make it for him? If so, then it is not only normal but amazingly endearing.

  2. Interesting choice for a sleeping is funny what kids will attach themselves to. :)

  3. So normal!! So adorable!

  4. I think it shows great creativity.

  5. Thanks Gina... great idea. I will try the wind chimes! Have a Blessed Easter!

  6. No less normal then my 2 year old that has 6 baby dolls that she must take everywhere with her, and fraks out if we go in the car, and they are not buckled into the middle seatbelt... Yeah, I would say it's all good!

  7. A "boy's normal" is so weird, so yes, I would say it is fine :)

    With love and hope,

  8. I'd say normal...but then, I've learned to expect the unexpected with Shane!

    I think it's pretty adorable and creative, actually!

  9. lets hope it doesn't leak or bust through the night