Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The tomato that wanted to be a strawberry...

Today we went exploring and found "Ricardoes" tomato and strawberry farm. We were hoping to do the pick-your-own strawberry thing but unfortunately it has been cloudy all week and there were very few red berries so the farm had put a temporary stop on picking. We could just look, torture!

To distract the disappointed kids we joined the farm tour around the tomato sheds with a coach full of walking stick wielding retiree's! It was actually good fun and great for the kids to see food being grown and harvested. Gareth picked a lettuce and named him Larry. We got a net bag of freshly picked cherry tomatoes that were so red and glossy they looked fake! The farm also sells many products made from their tomato and strawberries.

We headed home and had the most amazingly delicious lunch. Less than an hour from farm to table. That's what I call fresh!

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  1. After watching the film Food, Inc. ~ your idea looks wonderful! So fresh!

  2. Gulp.

    Sorry about that. I was just choking on my juicy strawberry I picked fresh from my garden.

    See how I am?

  3. There is nothing better than fresh from the farm produce in my opinion. And you are buying local ~ even better! :)

    Those tomatoes do look amazing...don't know about the jam though. :|