Friday, July 23, 2010


My brother has two gorgeous little boys. It is so wonderful to see the bond between our kids and theirs. There is a natural feeling of belonging, a feeling of being connected. Our kids feel so protective over their little cousins and love being looked up to by these two little people. There has never once been a power struggle over a toy or tears over a disagreement. Maybe it is because my brothers boys are so placid in temperament. Maybe nature has a way of preventing us from killing our relatives!

Here is a photo that I took when we last caught up. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

Maybe that's just because all my kids are finally tucked up in bed.

Maybe it's the first glass of Merlot kicking in...!

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  1. Really cute, love it when they all get on. :-)

  2. Not the wine... the picture is very adorable! It even gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling!!

  3. I grew up really close to my cousins too, and still have a tight bond with them. This picture is adorable and reminds me of how we all used to be! :)

  4. Hi

    Darren and I were just looking at this photo and can't believe how much older your kids look now - they are growing up fast!!


  5. Very sweet!