Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Camel rides.

The weather has been a bit damp and drizzly. One of the things the kids were excited about doing was visiting a local man who has camels and allows you to ride them on the beach. We met him earlier in the week and he explained that he would not transport the camels to the beach in wet weather as it was not safe for the camels in the trailer if their hooves were wet. Every day since it has rained... Until today!

When we woke it was overcast but dry. We headed to lighthouse beach and met up with John and his amazing camels. He told us so much about them and how camels were introduced to Australia and how well they adapted to the outback conditions. He told us about the introduction of the truck and how people had no more need for their camels and let them run wild. There are now 1.75 million wild camels roaming Australia.

John has 8 that he keeps in a large paddock. Some have retired and he feeds them and let's them enjoy their days, some he bought sick and skinny and is hoping to raise them back to good health. One was overfed and fat and he is trying to gently exercise back to good weight and one has a creaky knee that is puzzling the local vet. It was time to meet Obama, Neptune and King Farouk and go camel trekking!

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  1. How wild is that!?!?! I didn't realize Australia was home to so many camels. Careful....I hear they spit! :)

  2. Camel trekking...Ooooh. Sounds like a lot of fun. The photo is gorgeous as usual. It looks like they are smiling at each other.

  3. Hi Gina I agree with Jo, they are smiling together :-)

  4. Wow, that is amazing! I never would have thought Australia had ANY camels...let alone 1.75 million! That is incredible. What fun to ride one on a beach, too!

  5. I wish Gizmo would let me ride him...I think I do anyway! Kim

  6. What an incredible experience! I'm sure that this was something your children won't soon forget!