Thursday, July 29, 2010

House for Sale

House for sale.
3 bedrooms.
Beautiful peaceful location.
Good schools.
Mad, Irish blogging neighbour.
All offers considered.

In response to the wonderful comments left on the last post. Thank you! My ego has swollen to the size of an elephant. When I read the comments saying you thought it would be nice to live nearby I grinned like a Cheshire cat.....and then I panicked.

I have slowly built of friendships with many of you through comments and emails. Almost like a modern version of pen-pals. You have brought new worlds to my week by sharing your stories of your lives scattered all over the world. I feel like I know who you are, and yet I really don't know you if you judge "knowing" by the fact that we haven't met face to face.

The same applies in the other direction. Some of you have read this blog for a while now and I think, what if we met face-to-face? Would you be surprised...or disappointed. Would I be very normal? In writing we get the chance to think though our words, edit and re-write then before pressing publish. In real life maybe the punch-line would not be as polished. It would be the first draft. Would you still want to be my neighbour?!

And then a real-life-friend commented. Thank you Monica. You relieved my insecurities and started to let my ego inflate again. If you know the real me then maybe I'm ok. Now I need to add in Byron's opinion. Being my husband and master his word is law. He said to tell you all I am not moving anywhere to be anyone's new neighbour! I'm staying right here thank-you-very-much. He said that you are welcome to come move to Australia but don't go putting any ideas of moving in my head!

The End

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  1. Hi Gina I to know you well I could tell stories like Monica or I could tell the truth which would you prefer. lol only kidding Gina is great fun I was only at her house on Friday sharing a laugh and some good stories oh and don't forget the cuppa we had. Karen

  2. Oh, I'm pretty sure you would be just as fun and engaging in person as in bloggy land!