Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo overdose!

The best and the worst part of returning home from holidays is when I download the hundreds of images from my camera onto my computer.

Don't get me wrong. I love taking photos. I adore editing them, cropping, lightening, collage'ing, (is that a word?) I will happily spend hours whittling hundreds of images until I have a smaller number of photos in a folder named and dated so I can lay my hands on them in the future.

The only bad part about this is from Byron's point of view. You see I can easily let minutes run into hours and leave suitcases half unpacked in the hallway and belly's go grumbling with hunger as I am transported into photo heaven.

And so after this holiday I have been a little more disciplined. The suitcase is unpacked. It still sits empty in the hallway tripping up Mr B each time he walks down the stairs. You would think he might have got the hint and carried it up to the wardrobe by now. The dirty clothes are washed, dried and (gasp) ironed! And now today I am finally neglecting the kids and editing to my hearts content.

For the next few days I hope to upload some of my random favourites here. Some may have stories, some will just be images.

If anyone is concerned about my kids feel free to send pizza....

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  1. Hahaha! I'm right there with you, Gina. I both love and dread the post-adventure photo blitz at the same time. So much fun, but it takes so much time! Can't wait to see what you got!

  2. To echo Carrie, I'm the same way too. I take about 300 a day when away, it doesn't even have to be on holiday. A walk on the coast path can fill my camera with images. Maybe I'll try a more disciplined approach next time. but then again ... maybe not.

    Looking forward to seeing a few of yours.

  3. Sending pepperoni and cheese! I take about 500 a day... and can't bear to delete any!

  4. I know what you mean ~ I'm still editing my beach photos. I worked on them most of the weekend until my eyes crossed. I knew then I needed to step away from the computer. :)

    Looking forward to seeing yours.

  5. I can relate -- there should be post-vacation-vacations that are dedicated to dealing with all of the photos! :)

  6. I upload about 500 photos a week (give or take a couple of hundred but I'm not admitting to that) so I can understand the whole hubby being frustrated things. I buy external hard drives in bulk now, lol! Kim