Thursday, July 08, 2010

Winter madness

It's Winter here in Australia and only last week I was scraping ice from my car on my way to work.

We threw the swimming bag in the boot of the car as we packed for out holidays. The only way I thought it would be needed was if we found an indoor pool somewhere. I was wrong!

At what age do we develop our sense of freezing?! My kids clearly have yet to develop theirs. We woke up to bright sunshine today so they stripped off and spent an hour jumping and splashing in the sea on the beach outside our holiday house.

Most of the photos are on my proper camera which I am unable to access for the blog until we are home in the land of wireless Internet. I'm trying to take the odd photo on my mobile so I can mobile blog. I look forward to showing you some of my proper camera pics next week.

For now here is another mobile shot. It doesn't quite do the temperature justice.

Think blue skin!
Think shivering!
Think Winter!

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  1. You are right....brrrrrrrrrrr! I don't even get in the water around here until the water temp is in the 70's....I can't imagine what that water must have felt like!!

    Can't wait to see your photos.