Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweets from Japan.

My brother brought us some Japanese sweets when he was home last month. The box was cute and the wrappers funny. We had no idea what to expect them to taste like. I used them as bribery to get the kids to hurry up and finish their homework. It worked!

We unwrapped the paper to look inside. They were semi-opaque, squidgy lumps of soft jelly covered in very fine sweet white powder. They squished between our fingers and stretched before we braved to pop them in our mouths.

They tasted strangely sweet and neutral. We couldn't agree on any one description. Floral? Mildly Turkish delight?

If I could read Japanese I might have been able to work it out from the ingredients list.

Has anyone else ever seen or eaten sweets like this...?

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  1. No, but I love the adorable packaging they are in! Such cute graphics.

    Hope they WERE sweets, and not soaps??!

  2. idea, but they're absolutely adorable and I'm intrigued! Have you learned anything more about these treats?