Saturday, March 01, 2014

01:03:14 St David's day

Happy St David's Day everyone! 

March 1st marks the first day of Autumn and the feast day of the Welsh Patron Saint David. 
A day where all Welsh people celebrate their nationality and eat foods that remind them of home. We started our celebrations with mountains of Welsh Cakes made from a recipe book given to me by Byron's mother.

Our main meal of the day was our traditional "Dragon Pie" A Beef and Guinness casserole which had been marinating since Monday and then slow-cooked over the day. Seasoned mashed potato and steamed veggies on the side and topped with a pastry dragon. Recipe is here.

Many people have asked me where I got the pastry dragon from. I bought a cookie cutter online a few years ago and it has been invaluable. You can find them easily enough by clicking here. It's worth doing a bit of looking around to find the stockist who will post it to your corner of the world and seeing what the total cost is. I think I paid almost as much for delivery as the cutter itself but it will get many years of use in our house so it was worth every penny!

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