Thursday, March 27, 2014

27:03:14 Melon basket

Watermelon was down to 45c per kilo at our local supermarket this week. We picked up a huge Melon and put it on the scales and worked out that all 7 kilos of it was going to cost less than the price of an ice cream. Rhiannon asked could we buy it so she make a melon basket out of it? Here she is just starting to carve it out. We had great fun and by the time she cut out the inside and mixed the chunks with other fruits and put them back inside we had the biggest fruit salad I had ever seen. And we still have a couple of monster wedges of melon in the fridge to eat later! We forgot to take a photo of the finished masterpiece. You will just have to trust me that it looked (and tasted) amazing!

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  1. Always a fun project!

  2. I made a cradle fruit-basket for a banquet after a christening, and remember the hours required were far more than I originally had planned. Thank goodness the results were worth it!

  3. Nothing beats the taste of a beautifully ripened watermelon and we're counting the days until they taste good again. This time of the year, the markets still sell them but they're definitely not as yummy as in the warmer months. The basket came out beautifully!! My goodness you have such talented kids!!!!!! : ) xo

    ~ Wendy