Tuesday, March 25, 2014

25:03:14 Last year at Primary.

I can't believe that this is the last year I will have a child at Primary School. I'm so not ready for Gareth to move up to High School.

I thought it was scary having Sian move up and I was convinced she was going to find it a hard transition. She didn't.

Then Rhiannon moved up and I thought the same. She has coped fine.

And now Gareth, my baby, is in his final year in Primary. I am grabbing every opportunity to go into school and help with reading, with craft days, sitting in on presentations and assemblies. I'm really going to miss this school.

We had our first meeting tonight in the High School outlining the coming months and how the transition would work. But then they gave some great advice to the kids. Enjoy year 6. Don't spend year 6 thinking about year 7. Just enjoy it. I think that advice applies equally to us parents. Just enjoy it. And so I am!

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  1. What??? No way- high school! Even I can't believe it!