Monday, March 24, 2014

24:03:14 #imustrememberimgettingold #knackered

My sister is younger than me.
My sister just ran a 5k event.
She told me all about an eight week "walking to running 5k" programme you can do.
I listened to what you need to do on week one, session one and then tuned out the rest of the conversation as I pictured myself running gracefully in slow motion, looking happy and glowing with health.
In my head I looked 10 years younger and had glossy locks tied back in a pony-tail that bounced gently as my feet barely touched the tarmac. 
I've never had glossy locks tied back in a bouncy pony-tail. And I certainly didn't look anything like my day-dreams as I finished my twenty minutes of one minute run/walk/run at the local park. It's Monday. Week one. Session one. I am not sure about ringing my sister back to ask what else I'm supposed to do this week. My knees hurt. I'm still wheezing. I might just leave a it a few days... 

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  1. Ha- I tried that couch potato to 5k once. I made it up to running for 3 minutes and decided I like being a couch potato!! Runners never look happy while they are running- I smile all the way thru Pilates!!

  2. LOL!!!! Your description made me spit out my coffee!!!!! LOL!!!! Good luck with this. Sounds like you're gonna need it!!!!!!! : ) Thanks for the wonderful chuckle!!!

    ~Wendy xo