Monday, March 31, 2014

31:03:14 Cloudstreet

We have chosen our next Old Ducks Bookclub book. Cloudstreet by the Australian writer Tim Winton. 

I am looking forward to getting stuck into a book again. Even though I claim to be time poor, if I am reading a good book I always seem to make the time to sit and read a chapter at some point in my day, maybe by running around a bit more efficiently in the morning or choosing the book over TV in the evening. 

I just love my local library. I really think they are an undervalued service. If I had to buy books I would find it hard to justify the purchase on a week that already has a list of things needing to be bought for the house or the kids. This way I get some "me time" at no cost. I put my request in on-line one afternoon and the next day got a text confirming my book was ready to be picked up. A short walk on my lunch-break and I am filled with the anticipation that comes at the beginning of every book. I haven't even read the back cover and have no idea what lies inside its pages. Time to put on the kettle and see...!

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