Wednesday, March 19, 2014

19:03:14 Goodbye girls.

Today we wave goodbye to our two lovely Japanese students. Our family has grown by two more kids. I am sure we will keep in touch via email once they are home. We are even joking to one of the girls that when her 12 year old brother has his Australian trip in a couple of years he might choose us as his host family.

Safe home girls.

Enjoy your two days in Sydney and cherish returning home to your families. I'm sure they have missed you. We hope they enjoy their TimTams and Twinings Aussie afternoon blend tea. I will forgive them if they don't love the jars of Vegemite. I am still laughing at you trying it on crackers, liking it, and then jumping into Byron's car for a last minute dash to the local IGA so he could buy you some to bring home.

Thank you for our Japanese photo frame and we will always remember the madness of running barefoot across the reserve at 7.30am with tripod and camera to set up our group photo in the beautiful golden light, lake shimmering behind us and wet grass beneath our feet. The battery died just after taking this lovely photo. We hope you enjoy the album we put together for each of you to relive your favourite moments and that it helps you to tell the story of your Australian adventure to your families on your return.


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  1. How wonderful! Sounds like everyone was blessed by their presence in your home. You are so sweet to think of all of those things...the picture with your whole family, the gifts, the album! Wow. Making memories can be so much fun :)


  2. So great that your children are having the experience of exchange students! My nephew Jack became fluent in Japanese and went there from Ohio University for a semester and now is going back for the summer as an intern for a company he worked for during his studies! So excited for him! Safe travels to your friends as they journey home!