Friday, March 28, 2014

28:03:14 Diorama

Gareth had a school project to do this week. It involved making a "Biome" of his choice and researching it and making a 3D model in school. I offered to be an extra pair of hands in the classroom that morning and it was a chaotic mix of laughter, sticky tape and kids all over the floor with glue pots and glitter. I don't know how teachers cope with that 5 days a week. They deserve sainthoods! 

Gareth choose the biome of The Great Plains of Northern America. He had buffalo, hawks, prairie dogs and pronghorn, play-do Rocky Canadian mountains to the west and the Mississippi river to the west. All nestled in a cardboard box with some dry grass stuck to the bottom that he picked off the patio the day before. He was really proud of his finished product. I said goodbye at this stage and went home for a well deserved cuppa. 

When Gareth got home later he was so excited to tell me all about his afternoon. He had to give a speech on all that he had learnt and said it went really well. I'm hoping that this love of learning will continue to be a part of him as he grows up and maybe some day he may even find himself lucky enough to travel to the places he has learnt about in school. 

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  1. Tell Gareth he did a wonderful job!! He is just adorable!! The closest I've ever come to a buffalo is in a zoo!! : ) xo

    ~ Wendy