Sunday, March 16, 2014

16:03:14 Framed on the beach!

Pinterest is a marvelous thing! I typed into it "Beach photo ideas" and up came some amazing, fun beach shots that were just a simple twist on a regular pose. One of my favourite ideas I saw was to use an empty photo frame in the foreground with your subjects "framed" further back.

We grabbed 5 mins on Nobby's beach after a massive downpour and had a go. The first attempt involved me running to the waters edge and lying flat on the ground with the frame in my outstretched left hand and the camera in my right. I had Byron and Gar running towards me but then also one more unexpected person, the Lifeguard! He wanted to warn us not to swim as there was a crazy rough swell. I think he thought I'd been on the Guinness lying flat on the sand as the waves broke just a small away from me!

After a little chat and a few photos with our Japanese students we carried on with the photos and Gareth asked could he and Dad be my "Photo of the day" And so here they are (before the friendly Lifeguard joined in too!)

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  1. Great photo and a beautiful beach. Have a great Monday:)

  2. Great photo. I can imagine how you would have looked taking the picture - sounds like a fun day out!