Saturday, March 08, 2014

08:03:14 Train station.

This weekend we had a beautiful friend of Sian's visit. 

Sian has missed her since she moved away from our area. Despite the distance they have kept in touch and this weekend they had fun just being together, shopping, chatting and catching up. Even waiting for the train to take her friend home they talked and laughed right up to the moment she had to board. 

They pretended to be annoyed as I acted like a paparazzi and took loads of photos. Despite them pulling silly faces in most of them I knew if I took enough there would be "the one" that would catch the moment. Catch their friendship and their laughter in a single second of time. Freeze framed and perfect. 

And this was it!

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  1. Great pic Gina. You got 'the one'. What a beautiful friendship they share. Remember the old Holly Hobby saying....
    "the way to a friend is never far"
    I bet you felt so proud that your daughter is such a lovely friend. Jx