Wednesday, April 02, 2014

02:04:14 Lego Movie!

I got an email this week from the mailing list at a local shopping centre. It was offering the first 75 people who responded to the email two free tickets to a VIP showing of the Lego Movie the day before it was released to the public. I responded and very excitingly I won! Then Gareth responded and he won too! Then Rhiannon and then Sian!!! All together the four of us had won 8 tickets. We knew that even if the whole family went we would have three spare tickets so we asked three of Gareth's friends to join us. They did and we had a brilliant time. It was great to hear so much laughter at such a simple storyline. There were as many adults at the movie as there were kids. Everyone seemed very relaxed and happy, chatting with the people around them, probably because we were all excited to have won our free tickets. I'm feeling lucky this week. Might be time to buy a Lotto ticket!

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