Tuesday, April 08, 2014

08:04:14 Wallpaper

Sian fell in love with the UK designer Cath Kidston when she walked into one of her shops on Grafton Street in Dublin. Everywhere we went in the UK we saw retro florals making a huge fashion appearance. We bought two rolls of her wallpaper to do a feature wall in Sian's bedroom. I knew we had literally enough paper to cut 10 strips from the two rolls. Not a single bit to spare. If we messed up just one piece we would need to re-arrange the furniture to hide it! I've never wall-papered before in my life. I watched two video tutorials on YouTube this morning and decided it looked easy enough, waited for everyone to be safely out the door and then got stuck in. There were times I wished I had waited for Byron to be home to help but every piece that went up gave me confidence that I could do this. It was amazing watching the room transform before my eyes. I wish you could have seen Sian's face when she walked in the door from a long day at school and work. Priceless!!!

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  1. It is beautiful! Cath Kidston is also very popular here in Germany, although it is not quite my/our style. It is perfect for a girl's room! Jule