Thursday, April 24, 2014

24:04:14 Getting older

When I was pregnant with Sian I read loads of baby magazines. There were articles on every baby milestone under the sun. Weaning, sleeping, choosing childcare, starting school. I was thirsty for knowledge. If I read all the latest advice then I couldn't go wrong? Could I? And then along came Rhiannon and not all the rules that worked with Sian worked this time around. Some of the advice had changed. I had more friends with kids and the circle of information sharing was bigger and more diverse. When I had Gareth I no longer had time to read magazines. I barely had time to check my reflection in the mirror as I ran from school to playgroup to immunisation clinics. 

By the third child I figured I had it all worked out. For the most part I'd kept the nuggets of good advice and let go of the crazy theories that weren't practical in the real world. I was doing ok. They grew older, we no longer needed nappies or baby formula. They started eating the same meals as Byron and myself. The need for constant new information and parenting advice had lessened. 

Just as I was lulled into a false sense of security I found myself standing in a petrol forecourt with my 16 year old daughter. A daughter who has a learners drivers license. A daughter who is learning to drive and needs to be coached through new milestones. Like filling the car with petrol for the first time. I don't remember reading any magazine articles about this kind of parenting. I feel a bit lost. A bit in need of the shiny publications that will tell me just how to handle the next year. How to teach new skills and get her through this "not quite still a child, not quite yet an adult" part of her life. 

I guess we never really have it fully under control do we? We just have to trust that we will learn as we go. We won't always be perfect and what works for one kid won't always work for the next. That's life. We just need to trust in the roller-coaster ride and maybe even let out a squeal of excitement every now and again. 

I'd better go. The attendant is giving me funny looks . I better go pay before he considers ringing the local looney bin on me. I'm not sure I've read an article about getting out of that one...

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  1. I'm just thankful that I'll have your good advice to rely on years down the track when it's my turn!