Saturday, April 19, 2014

19:04:14 Sailing V's Shopping

The phone rang this morning. It was breakfast time and Byron and myself were pottering around the kitchen making coffee and raisin toast. We had been talking about a few errands that we needed to do. The phone call was an invite from a friend to join him on his sail boat on the lake for a while. 

I could see the turmoil in Byron's head. Shopping or sailing? Busy car park or calm water? Wandering aimlessly after us as we ran in and out of shops or sitting back with a mate and feeling the sun warm on his skin? He didn't need asking twice. We ate breakfast and then Byron and Gareth ran around getting sunscreen on, packing water bottles and pumping bike tyres. They said a quick goodbye and were gone before I could say a word. 

The girls woke and slowly got food and stretched and asked what were our plans for the day. I mentioned needing to go to Charlestown shopping centre. They didn't need asking twice. They ran around getting lipgloss, wallets, mobiles and were in the car before I could say a word. 

A couple of hours later Byron sent me a text "We're fishing! Very relaxing." 

I replied "We're shopping! Very relaxing."  

A perfect day for all!

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