Sunday, April 13, 2014

13:04:14 Carrot cake.

I'm not a very organised cook. I get mad notions to cook something and usually get halfway through the recipe before realising a vital ingredient is missing. Today is a perfect example. I was craving something sweet. With Wilma back producing eggs again and a random pouch of vanilla frosting and a half empty tube of orange sprinkles found at the back of the baking cupboard I was off! Whisking butter and sugar, cracking eggs, sifting flour, cinnamon, ginger, baking powder. All I needed now was 350grams of grated carrot... No carrots in the veggie drawer in the fridge... or on any of the shelves. It didn't matter how many times I looked behind the jars of relish and the half empty milk carton. There. Were. No. Carrots. Arrgghhh!

And then I remembered the veggie patch! The carrot seeds I planted back in September. WooHoo I whooped as I ran outside and started to wildly pull clumps of carrot fronds from the soil. It took three trips back and forth between kitchen and garden until my harvest of tiny finger sized carrots were scrubbed and grated enough to weigh in at 329g.

I now proudly present to you my wonderful morning tea made from Wilma's eggs and organic baby carrots picked fresh from the garden. Oh, and not forgetting the left over pouch of frosting (without an expiry date) swirled proudly on top. Time for a cuppa I think! Anyone want to join us?

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