Thursday, April 03, 2014

03:04:14 Lunch time swim...?!

I love RunKeeper. I love how it motivates me to go for lunch-time walks on my work lunch break. I love how it sparks a bit of competitiveness between Byron and myself. He gets longer lunch breaks than me so I rarely get to put in as long a walk as he does. Until the other day that is...

I did my walk a bit slower than normal. I stopped at the library to pick up a book, called in to Woolies and picked up 6 litres of milk and then wandered into the pet shop for Chicken seed, 2 kilos of chicken seed. By the time I was trudging back slowly up the steep hill to the hospital I was knackered and gasping for breath. So imagine my surprise when RunKeeper messaged me "CONGRATULATIONS!" Apparently I had done my best time ever! Are you serious? Not only that but in my 27 minutes of walking I had exceeded Byron's best power walks on his longer lunch breaks?! 

I looked at the summary of the walk and this is what I saw. It looks like I detoured and did a swim 1000m out into the middle of Lake Macquarie and then back into shore again before continuing my walk. Yes, I really had broken all the records but maybe a dodgy GPS signal had swayed the truth a little. 

No need to tell Byron about it yet though, lets keep the competition alive a little longer shall we...?!

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