Tuesday, April 29, 2014

29:04:14 Fire-Pit

We bought a really simple fire-pit in a DIY shop and had fun one evening sitting around it. It cost $30 and the warmth and atmosphere as we sat around it roasting marshmallows on sticks was worth every dollar. The evenings are really starting to get nippy now and the warm clothes are coming out and blankets are on beds. It's fun to have access to a campfire for a few hours but then have the cozyness of the house to run back into as the evening draws to a close. 

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  1. Wrap up warm my darlings .
    Cwtch tightly as only the Welsh & Irish can.
    sending warm loving thoughts.
    Aunty Jul xxxxx

  2. I loooove a warm fire on a cool night. My sister-in-law had a fire pit in the ground at her old house. I'd quite like a fire pit too!