Sunday, April 27, 2014

27:04:14 Gum leaf

It's Autumn here in Australia. A season I so strongly associate with the colour orange. I miss the abundance of leaves falling from the trees and swirling in drifts on the paths, the crunch of dry brittle leaves underfoot. 

When I saw this gum leaf on the ground I picked it up, the mottled colours reminding me of a different climate. At that moment it was the most beautiful leaf in the world. I brought it home determined to take a photo of it to put here. 

I lost it. 

For days I told everyone who would listen that there was a random gum leaf somewhere in the house. Maybe the kitchen, the bathroom, the fridge? Who knows. I stressed the importance of telling me if they found it and NOT to throw it out. They thought I was mad. I told them it was beautiful. They thought I was madder. 

I found it in the spare room where I was hiding Rhiannon's birthday presents. I squealed with excitement. They came out of various rooms to see what was happening, took one look at the leaf and gave each other "that" look. Yup, she's totally mad and went back to what they were doing. 

I found  this little quote that made me feel sane again....

"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it."

Robin Williams

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  1. My dear Gina. If a little leaf can make you so happy, imagine what wonders are out there for you in life!