Sunday, November 12, 2006

Adieu, Cliffes !

It's a sad day.

Our good friends Charles, Sue and their children are heading back to the UK in a few days time.

Today, they had a leaving party complete with the usual bbq sausages, chicken and plenty of beer. To mark this momentous occasion they also had numerous bottles of expensive champagne...

Charles and Sue have been very helpful to us over the past 12 months, and have been good friends for many years. They arrived on a work visa a few years ago and we looked forward to seeing them again when we arrived last year. They gave us loads of good advice when we arrived and have been great at bouncing ideas off. We've had fantastic times together: in the pool, touring Sydney, on the speedboat, cycling (!) and always having superb food and grog...

As we'd known them for a long time before we emigrated, they were also our only tangible link with the UK. We've tried to persuade them on many occasions not to go back to ol' blighty, but their English blood runs true and strong and they've taken the decision to head back.


We wish them good luck in their new adventure ! They'll be missed here in Oz.

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