Friday, November 03, 2006

Christmas countdown.

7 weeks till Christmas.....

We are still trying to get used to the concept of Christmas being hot. There was a photographer at Gareths playgroup this morning. She was taking photos of the kids wearing Christmas hats in time to be made up into calenders, mugs etc for grannies + grandads.

In the Uk we usually buy the kids a nice new outfit for "good wear" for Christmas time.

Here because of the heat everyone buys their kids Christmas themed t-shirts. Our friend Monica dropped a bag of different t-shirts around so that the kids could wear one this morning for the photos.

They had great fun rummaging through and trying on different combinations and I took a few snaps while they were giggly and in the mood.

They were quite shy this morning having the proper photos taken. We will have them back by next week and are looking forward to seeing them. Expect one in your Christmas cards!

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