Sunday, November 12, 2006

Coffee at Cian's

We had an emotional day saying our final goodbyes to Charles and Sue in Sydney this weekend. Byron will write a separate blog about their return to the UK later.

Before starting our two hour drive home we rang Joe and Rhonda and invited ourselves in for a coffee! We had a very overdue birthday present for Rhonda and it seemed as good an excuse as any!

Cian was the main excitement for the kids and they had their shoes off on the mat outside the front door before Joe even got it open. A quick hug for Uncle Joe and they went flying up the stairs looking for baby Cian!

He was as gorgeous as always and was full of smiles. Rhiannon found his tickly spot under his chin and he "goo"ed at her for ages.

Gareth had great fun making coffees with Joe using their fancy coffee machine. They both looked happy fiddling with all the buttons and steam jets while making our cafe lattes and baby cinos!

Sian got a cuddle with Cian before he started crying for his next feed. Rhiannon didn't want a cuddle while he was crying but then regretted it after he settled in for a long feed and showed no sign of finishing before we had to head home. She is first in line for a hold when he comes up to Toronto for Gareths birthday party in 2 weeks time!

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