Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne cup was a great day. First the usual rushing around getting the girls to school and Gareth to Carey-Bay pre-school. Then home to make some food to bring to Marees' lunch, coconut cous-cous salad + Chocolate Baileys cake. The icing on the cake was dripping and running and didn't quite have that "perfect" appearance so I followed Monicas advice and hid the damage under a handful of plastic horses rescued from the toy box, surrounded the whole thing with some chopped up green paper (grass) and voila!... a horse race cake! No-one was any bit the wiser (till they read this of course!)

Before I left the house I presented a very lonely and abandoned looking Mr B with a lunch tray. Just so he didn't feel left out I had made him a sandwich and stuck another toy horse into it! Here he is with his bottle of chilled beer and a bowl of salted nuts. He doesn't know he is born!

I had all of 10 minutes to change, do my hair, slap on some make-up, and the final touch.... put on my fascinator! It was a great day with everyone bringing some food to share and the obligatory bottles of champagne.

We did mini-sweeps on the race with bets of $1 + $2. Despite empting my purse I didn't pick a winner. Better luck next year!

Everyone's kids got the same school bus home and got off outside Marees house. It was bedlam as they raced around finishing up all the left-overs and racing around the garden. It was a fun day and ended all too soon. We have already started speculating as to who's house will host the 2007 Melbourne cup lunch... Roll on next year!

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  1. Good to see the girls having a good time on the gee geees, instead of the usual rugby/cricket/football....etc!
    Haven't checked the blog in a little while & wowed by the house, but also so lovely to see a clip of Gareth! I can't believe both he & the house are growing so fast!
    We've had halloween & bonfire night so next stop Christmas here too & all the excitement. How does Sana fill a thong though??! Love Cathy

  2. It was a laugh!!!!
    (all the kids had a race back to the house,while Marie trailed behind.)