Friday, November 03, 2006


The kids found a scorpion this morning. IN THE HOUSE!

We were getting ready to go to school and were running late (Shouldn't have nattered to Carrie on Skype for so long...) Rhiannon called out that there was a scorpion in the hallway. It looked dry and dead and we scooped it onto a piece of paper, not a move out of it. Yeah, it must be dead....

We decided we would keep it and ask Kel about it later (he is the fount of knowledge on all questions relating to spiders, kangaroos, bugs and anything Australian)

Ran to the car (running later than ever now) Dead scorpion wasn't on the piece of paper in hallway anymore. I shouted at Mr B "Did you move the scorpion?" "No, it must have fallen on the ground" Didn't have time or enthusiasm to go looking for it (running seriously late by now) Did the school run and came home with all thoughts of dangerous bugs pushed to the back of my mind.

A pretty bothered Byron met me at the front door.

"It wasn't dead"

What wasn't dead? My head was full of all things school not bugs.

"The scorpion, IT WASN'T DEAD"

Mr B had gone looking for it while he was making a cup of coffee. Not on the paper, not on the ground, nothing but a pair of Gareths shoes in the hallway, tap, tap, out falls the dead scorpion. Scoops it back on the paper. Did it just move? Silence as Mr B stays still. Nothing. Prod it with a pencil and, oh boy, was it alive. It reared up with pincers open and tail poised in defensive mode.

By the time I got home it had been thrown hard and fast out the front door into the garden. Apparently it is not uncommon in this area. It is not dangerously venomous but gives a very painful sting that lasts about 6 hours and you are recommended to seek medical help....

Never trust a still bug!

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  1. Good job you had your camera nearby!!!

  2. I'd love to take the credit for it Josie but we found it on an Australian website about native scorpions and downloaded it to share the drama!

  3. It gave mum a big fright Ha Ha Haaa.I would've liked to seen her face!!!