Saturday, November 18, 2006

Kid-free Christmas Shopping!

It is a family tradition in Anne's family that every Christmas all the girls go on a family shopping spree together. I am really lucky to have been absorbed into the middle of her family and included in this annual event. On Saturday morning I ran around making breakfast and topping up Byron's coffee cup to prepare him for the day ahead! His football team were playing live on TV and unfortunately they lost about 5 minutes before I was picked up. I felt sorry for him as I ran out the front door and glanced fleetingly at his long face..... Never mind, It's only football. I had more important things on my mind....Shopping!!!

It was a lovely day. Auntie Louise (Anne's sister) is a real character and had James the waiter in the coffee shop tied up in knots trying to write down a complicated order of half strength lattes and well-done-but-not-quite-burnt date loaf! The poor guy nearly did a runner when he saw us coming back into the cafe for lunch!!!

It was great fun helping other people spend their money and trying to pick up on hints if any one of us admired anything. I quickly realized that it was very dangerous to agree that the multi coloured and mis-shapen vase in the window of a homeware shop was divine if you didn't really think so. Before you could say "only kidding" it could be next to the cash register being wrapped in three layers of Christmas paper with your name on it!

There was also the added excitement of Tenelle my sister-in-law getting text messages from a gorgeous guy she had met earlier in the week and trying to help her think of witty, flirty but "not too available" replies!

I really enjoyed the freedom of a days retail therapy surrounded by girls. Girls understand that when you need a pair of new shoes you have to wander around every shoe shop in the centre and try on every pair in every shop, even if the first pair in the first shop was lovely and ends up being the pair that you buy!

Byron came to collect me and although I had enjoyed my freedom being away from the kids for the day it was a great feeling to see them running towards me with arms up for a big hug!

Thanks Byron for the little bit of "Me" time and Thanks Anne and her crazy relations for including me in their family day.

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